Profile of the Center for Cognitive Sciences (Zentrum für Kognitionswissenschaften, ZKW, zentrale wissenschaftliche Einrichtung) University of Bremen

Aim of the Central Research Unit Center for Cognitive Sciences (ZKW) is understanding the neuronal mechanisms of cognitive functions (mainly perception, behaviour and decision) as well as its application from technical (i.e. robotics) and clinical-medical points of view (neuroprosthetics, neurological differential diagnostics, “assisted living”-systems, pharmacology and clinical epidemology). The experimental approach is pursued with neuropharmacological, psychophysical, neurophysiological and neuropsychological methods. With regard to the theoretical approach, the behaviour of humans and animals is investigated by means of modelling mathematical analysis and simulations. Thus, in an interdisciplinary way, cognitive functions are quantified, and the underlying mechanisms are identified with the aim to achieve a standardized theory. The systemic neuro-cognitive research is accompanied by philosophical investigations especially with regard to scientific theory.