Research group Neuroscience, Jacobs University

Our research group is motivated by two central questions. First, how can lifelong learning and development be promoted? More specifically, how can we help people to gain optimal sensory, motor, and cognitive performance in different life phases and environments? Second, what are the neurobiological processes underlying lifelong learning and productive adult development, and how can these processes be modified and improved? For this purpose, our research focuses on identifying mechanisms underlying cortical plasticity and the structure/function relationships between cognitive, sensory, and motor performance and learning. The human brain remains plastic even at older age, but that plasticity does undergo a decline. A better understanding of how to facilitate plasticity is therefore of particular importance to older learners.

We address these research questions in several project areas with a combination of neuroimaging, neuropsychology, psychophysics, physiology, and movement science. Although we examine human performance and its neurobiological basis during the whole lifespan, the relationships between sensory, motor and cognitive abilities, and the plastic adaptive capacities of older adults, are of particular interest for our research program.


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Prof. Dr. Benjamin Godde
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