Institute of Psychology and Cognition Research

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group
EEG-Research Labor for Cognitive Neuroscience Research group was founded in 1996. The main topic of our research group is to investigate Event- Related- Potentials (ERPs) and Event- Related- Oscillations (EROS) in different cognitive processes of the brain. 
Basic Research: 
Multistable visual perception; 
Reversible figures, such as the Necker cube, make up a well-known class of visual phenomena in which an invariant stimulus pattern gives rise to at least two different perceptual interpretations. A better understanding of the neurophysiological processes underlying perceptual reversals might help to disentangle bottom-up from top-down influences on multistable perception. 
The aim of this research is to define more specifically the functional roles of the EEG frequency bands during the perception of reversal figures. 
Working Memory: 
Here we aim to investigate the relationship between executive control, specifically action monitoring and working memory (WM) formation and their neurophysiological correlates in healthy controls. The possible functional role the event related oscillatory activities during the WM processes is the core of our studies in this field. 
Sustained Attention: 
Several studies show that neural phase-locking and synchrony are critical for attentional processes. Because of this, we investigate the interplay between EEG phase and power in the different frequency ranges. By applying long lasting sustained attentions paradigms (visual and auditory tasks) we find interesting hints how the brain coordinates response and response inhibition.


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Prof. Dr. Canan Basar-Eroglu
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