Brain Research Institute II (Neuropharmacology)

The Department of Neuropharmacology conducts research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, behavioural neuroscience and psychopharmacology. The main focus is on neurodevelopmental models that are relevant to neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, drug addiction, fear and anxiety disorders, as well as frontal lobe injury. We are interested in the combined effects on the development of cognitive functions of early brain lesions (e.g. of the medial prefrontal cortex) and pharmacological challenges (e.g. treatment with drugs of abuse or stress-hormones) later in life. We use a variety of methods including sophisticated behavioural paradigms for investigating cognitive functions in rats, electrophysiology and various histochemical techniques. One aim of this reasearch is to understand the neurobiological basis of major brain diseases and to develop restorative treatment strategies.


Cognium, Room 2090
Hochschulring 18
D-28359 Bremen
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Prof. Dr. Michael Koch
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